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Dylan Rhodes - Blockchain Millionaire. Online Business Mogul. Digital Marketing Expert. Social Media Icon. Platinum Record Artist.

Dyl is a rapper from Philadelphia, PA best known for his 2015 Platinum hit single “Jordan Belfort” with Wes Walker. Dyl spent 2 years touring as an independent artist from 2015-2017 and has performed over 50 shows. As of 2019, Jordan Belfort has over 100M streams on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as 30M views on Youtube.

After his success with “Jordan Belfort” Dyl spent several years in New Orleans focused on developing his vocal sound, flows, and production quality. Dyl released a small catalogue of independently produced rap-pop songs, and has managed to amass over 100K followers on Instagram and over 200K followers on promising Rapchat app. Dyl has a loyal following and has proven to be highly effective at social media marketing and promotion. In late 2018, Dyl rebranded to Famous Dyl (@famous_dyl) and announced his upcoming 2019 Album. 

Dyl’s music is known for a diverse range of styles and melodic, catchy flows. Dyl is a skilled sound engineer who does his own vocal mix and master. Dyl has taken his production quality to a new level on his upcoming album, and listeners get feel for this improved quality on his 2019 remastered track “Looking For Some Trouble”. Dyl has carefully crafted his own sound over the past 4 years and returns to rapping with confident and experienced vocal control. 

Dyl’s upcoming release captures his unique perspective and lifestyle through a sound that is relevant and appealing to a new generation of music fans.