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Dylan Rhodes - Blockchain Millionaire. Online Business Mogul. Digital Marketing Expert. Social Media Icon. Platinum Record Artist.


Dylan Rhodes, known as Dyl (@famous_dyl) is a 24 year-old (born January 5, 1995) rapper and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA. Dyl is best known for his Platinum hit single “Jordan Belfort” and more recently, his rising hit “Hey Whatsup Hello” and debut album “Crypto Rich”. Dyl began touring, performing, and recording as an independent artist in 2015. During his “Jordan Belfort” Tour, Dyl performed over 50 shows and music festivals in front of crowds as large as 20,000. As of 2019, Dyl’s viral hit Jordan Belfort has over 180M streams.

After his success with “Jordan Belfort”, Dyl committed to completing his education at Tulane University. In New Orleans, he continued to develop his vocal sound, flows, and overall production quality. Dyl released a small catalogue of independently produced rap-pop songs in 2016, including “Hey Whatsup Hello” and “50 Racks”. Shortly thereafter, Dyl became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. For the years 2016-2018 Dyl’s focus shifted to school and investments. Dyl put his savings to work and became successful as a cryptocurrency investor and trader during his upperclassmen years at Tulane University. During this time, Dyl posted his trading ideas as “Dr. Crypto” on Twitter, ultimately co-founding a cryptocurrency called BitGreen with a group of partners and community members. Dyl graduated from Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business with a double-major degree in Finance and Management in Spring 2018. Despite success in business and education, Dyl never lost his passion for music. In 2019, Dyl rebranded to Famous Dyl (@famous_dyl) and announced his upcoming “Crypto Rich” Album. 

Dyl’s music is known for crisp vocal quality, with diverse flows and melodic, catchy hooks. Dyl’s artistic inspiration comes mainly from hip-hop, but he never limits himself to any genre in writing, delivery, or collaboration. Dyl is an experienced and passionate vocalist who can effortlessly switch between “fast-rap” delivery and melodic singing with impressive precision. Dyl first became interested in singing and performance arts at a young age and practiced these skills until his teen years. In high school, Dyl found his passion in hip-hop, as a young Meek Mill began to take the city of Philadelphia by fire. Dyl’s early inspirations lie in alternative rock and the new, “millennial age” of hip-hop greats such as Kid Cudi, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, Young Thug, and Gucci Mane. Like many rappers, Dyl began by freestyling for fun with Wes Walker and other friends. Eventually, Dyl and Wes decided to record raps and put them on Soundcloud, which lead to recording “Jordan Belfort” in 2014. Around this time, Dyl began recording his own songs on a USB microphone. Dyl learned about recording, mixing, and mastering online, invested in studio equipment, and over the years became a skilled audio engineer. By mastering his recording process from start to finish, Dyl has taken his production quality to a new level for his self-arranged album “Crypto Rich”. Dyl is self-taught audio engineer who did the mix and master for “Crypto Rich” entirely solo - without any ‘professional’ guidance or input. Dyl brings a confident and experienced vocal control, earned through years of dedication marked with a passion for music.

Dyl’s album “Crypto Rich” captures his unique perspective on life through a sound that is relevant and appealing to a new generation of music fans. Dyl stays true to the stylistic influence of new, “millennial age” rappers, refusing to compromise his sound, flow, or delivery to cater to an older, classically influenced hip-hop audience. Dyl’s music has the perfect amount of swagger and the right edge to interest popular hip-hop producers and appeal to a new, younger crowd of hip-hop listeners. Dyl is and independent artist and is passionate about teaching young artists how to succeed independently. Dyl’s fan group is called #DYLUMINATI and is heavily focused on networking and support for independent artists. You can learn more and join DYLUMINATI below.